Do you know what your heart hungers for?

What are your dreams?

Have you been struggling to find what's missing in your life...success, abundance, a relationship, health, awakening, peace...?

My name is Anne Uemura and I help individuals get to the source of their difficulties by working with their subconscious or SuperConscious.

With guidance from SuperConscious we work together to begin to neutralizing and releasing your negative disempowering experiences, memories, beliefs, patterns to step into choice and freedom.

If you are struggling or stalled anywhere in your life, you don’t know how to reach the source of the conflicting parts.

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To learn more about me in my journey to MAP, please link here–MAP coach

There’s an MAP Intro video to view. You can request it by emailing , or calling me at 707-337-1883. You can also book a free strategy session with me using the link below :

Thank you. I would be excited to meet you.

Anne Uemura

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