Course on Anger

Do you avoid angry people?

Are you uncomfortable when you get angry?

Do you sometimes explode with anger?

Perhaps you believe that you never or rarely get angry.

Emotions can be categorized simply as versions of ‘sad, glad or mad.’ ‘Mad’ is probably the most difficult of these feelings.

Learn how to be with all forms of anger you have in your life in a productive way. Grudges, resentment, bitterness, frustration, disappointment, jealousy, being unkind, critical, judgmental…

Runs for 4 weeks starting soon.

Includes Weekly assignments with corresponding weekly group meetings so you can explore your inner world as well as connect with others on this topic. Includes group MAP (“make anything possible”) treatments.

Assignments on: 1) what you learned about anger 2) your current relationship with anger 3) different attitudes on anger and their consequences 4) how childhood wounds involve anger 5) welcoming and embracing your heart’s messages 6) using the aid of your subconscious to treat the wounds related to anger

Fee: $200

To register email me at letting me know of your interest.

Thank you being open to this possibility for all of us.