What People Are Saying

I have been experiencing the amazing results of MAP for about 7 months now, introduced to this method by Anne. It is the best help I ever got to treat my profound traumas. As a child, I grew up in a violent and scarcity driven environment. I have suffered all kinds of violence throughout my childhood and teenage years. So, I grew up to be a "problematic" adult, who couldn't take care of herself, constantly self-sabotaging my best chances to have a happier and peaceful life. I was deeply programmed to suffer at all times, choosing people and environment that would make me suffer, AND thinking that it was all my fault. After decades living like this, I hit rock bottom--depressed and having lost every last thing I had in my life. I was reduced to a ball of panic attacks and suicidal thoughts. Until I met Anne and MAP I had no idea of how my childhood trauma was driving my life and how deep those memories were buried in me. The sessions I had with Anne led to for the first time ever really feel healed. I came from wanting to commit suicide every single day to be able to live mentally well despite the tough situation I am still in. The greatest thing to me is that it seems that once you start a treatment it never stops. I keep remembering traumas or assumptions I've made as a child and, with the help of Anne and MAP, I am able to treat it. In the beginning, it seemed impossible and overwhelming, but as I progressed I could really feel the benefits of the treatments. MAP has been a huge blessing in my life.

Flavia Luz


Working with Anne was a profound experience! She guided me in the MAP process with great skill and support for my scared and traumatized parts. Anne really honed in on my core issues and knew exactly how long to support me in each phase of the session. It felt like the process unhooked my energy and thoughts from old retraumatizing patterns. I had proof of the effectiveness of MAP when I noticed I felt a lot less anxiety during my daily life, and when it increased I felt I had new internal resources. Anne helped me turn frequent nightmares into dreams proving to me my nervous system trauma had been reorganized and was healing.

L Walker


… to access new layers of love within my heart… unlock a chronic stiffness in my hip and unravel the roots of a writer’s block that kept me from fulfilling a lifetime goal… insight into lifetimes of karmic knots. Anne's expertise, compassion, and intuition make it easy to trust her work, open up and release what remains hidden and to find the joy of life fully lived.

Kalisara, Joni Dittrich, Ph.D.

Founder of Kali-Ki Reiki and Wisdom School

Anne’s work is life changing. Issues that are deeply buried in the different levels of consciousness are easily accessed and cleared… a simple way to access this hidden material, which can otherwise take years and years to unearth, and sometimes never comes to the surface. She brings all the levels of consciousness into alignment where true healing takes place. Less than that always brings the same issues up again and again. Anne is a very kind, compassionate and ethical healer. She holds a very safe space so it is very easy to let go of resistance and allow the healing energies to come through…can unhesitatingly recommend her to anyone seeking deep healing.


Anne is one of my favorite MAP practitioners….After my first session I said, "That was as good as any MAP session I've ever had." She has a gentle and kind-hearted nature, combined with wisdom and intuition. I always feel safe and held…enabling me to open right into my work and to go deeply into the healing I'm seeking… benefit greatly from the inclusion of her inner child work… I wholeheartedly recommend her.


I’m at a place in my life I never thought was possible to reach. I had been mentally, physically and especially spiritually very sick. Physically I weighed only 79 lbs, mentally l was at the lowest point I had ever been. The trust I felt was amazing to me… my health is improving every day. Spiritually I’m so peaceful and calm now and best of all the love and exception I feel with Spirit is a joy…(latest) I was so low last night and this morning and so disappointed that I could feel so hopeless again. I was ashamed.…(after a quick MAP intervention) I can’t believe how hopeful and grateful I am again. This (MAP) works.


My work with Anne has been truly transformative for my mind, body and spirit. Before I began working with her, I was emotionally and spiritually overwhelmed by the imbalance of work demands, family needs and grief over an enormous loss. After our first session, I distinctly remember saying that I felt “lighter”. It was as if a tremendous weight had been lifted and I was able to breathe again. Anne is a gifted healer whose wisdom and intuition coupled with a warm and compassionate spirit have helped me to heal so that I am living whole-heartedly. This experience and my connection with her have been life-changing.

N White

New York

I just wanted to thank you for the incredible MAP session yesterday. I feel so much better from 90 mins yesterday than I have with years of therapy and deep personal work. I'm still in shock how quickly it works, and how profound the change is, I want to keep going. That being said, I would definitely like to book another session to keep working through my issues…Many many thanks.

E Jensen

I've had several MAP sessions with Anne, each one has been incredible! Each session leaves me feeling lighter and clearer and builds on the last session. What's interesting is to notice the "parts" that are resistant and how they soften & integrate. Anne is a skillful and intuitive practitioner..knowing just how far to go and when a session is complete. With each session we revisit those stubborn parts whose strategy is survival, whose mission is to serve me..and ever so gently they are willing to update in due time. I've never had a session that left me feeling fragmented, to the contrary- each one adds a layer of stability that wasn't there before!

Katie J


… these are life-changing… I go deep, quickly, when I'm working with Anne. She lives her path consistently and provides a safe container and a well of compassion…MAP is a stunning therapy that explores every loophole your subconscious can come up with!!... Every aspect is brought in, loved, communicated with, and made safe…. (MAP) is providing me with a wonderful new level of freedom. I am sold on MAP, and Anne Uemura!!


…already a powerful, loving, compassionate and very intuitive healer, who has helped me dig deep…inside myself where I was…afraid that the pain…would kill me. She has helped me trust…With MAP she enhanced her abilities and tools to help me release blocks transforming myself from the inside out. Beautifully powerful, most grateful for her and her work.


I am in a unique place to offer a review of Anne’s MAP work as both a life partner and a recipient of MAP sessions. The addition of the MAP protocols to her layers of broad training and perspectives has increased the depth and effectiveness of her work…MAP has also transformed her...a compassionate, focused, generous, integrated presence that brings all her metaphysical and transformative tools to any encounter inside and outside sessions. MAP has brought me more emotional aliveness and a greater sense of ease and communication with others.


Really awesome, powerful, effective process you have, Anne. I shifted out of emotional turmoil by connecting compassionately with a young part, soothing and giving myself what I didn’t receive as a child.


healing heart